Company background

Uticolor Australia has always been Australian owned and family operated since it’s establishment back 1972 when Keith Smith purchased the Australasian trading rights to a unique “Vinyl Welding” process from Uticolor Japan.

Keith, who was a pioneer in plastics since the 1950s, immediately began hands on trade in ‘vinyl welding and repairs’ however with so much vinyl around in those days things soon boomed to a stage where he was kept busy supplying Uticolor products to repairers in most of the populated regions around Australia.

To avoid competition between repairers, those early dealers requested greater security of trade, which is why the then fairly new concept of franchising was mutually adopted and Uticolor became one of Australia’s first mobile service franchise systems.

Within a year or so the original “sales only” based Uticolor Japan and USA companies ceased to trade and yet the “franchised” Uticolor Australia continued to grow in size and diversity. Needing to keep up with growing demands for its services Keith set up product manufacturing and research development here in Australia which allowed Uticolor to adapt to the rapid changes in the market as they occurred.

The seventies brought a massive increase in the use of plastics in motor vehicles and accordingly Uticolor created materials and repair techniques to bond, weld and finish these plastics.

The eighties saw a resurgence of leather upholstery in both motor vehicles and domestic furniture. Uticolor adapted again by developing its own leather repair materials and processes.

In the mid 80’s, after working as a Uticolor sub-contractor in the field and studying plastics and surface coatings, Keith’s son Lindsay Smith took on the managerial role with the company.

In more recent years Uticolor has formulated range of highly specialised water-based coatings that perform to the exacting standards of product performance required for modern leather finishes.

It is this adaption to new technology that allows Uticolor technicians to regularly service the furnishing needs of clients such as:

Not forgetting our roots, most of our repairers are able to attend to the needs of individual clients and households should even a small nick or cut might need attention.

Sadly, founder Keith Smith passed away in 2009 but he has left behind him Australia’s premier mobile plastic and vinyl repair service whose franchisees take pride in their standard of work, the sharing knowledge within the system and our achievements over the passage of time. We are proud to say that a number of our first franchisees have only just retired after working with us for over forty years and thankfully we also have a healthy number of younger new franchisees to allow our service to continue to prosper.

Today Uticolor is a truly comprehensive mobile repair service supplying specialised skills to many diverse industries both locally and internationally.

Uticolor is Australia’s largest mobile vinyl, plastic and leather repair service, performing most repairs on site. We can repair and cosmetically enhance almost all degraded and damaged domestic/vehicle interior and exterior materials, upholstery, trim, carpets, seats, dashboards, steering wheels, bumper bars and other components that are torn, scratched, scuffed or faded. Uticolor services include plastic welding, repairs, recolouring and resurfacing, vinyl welding, re-colouring and conditioning, leather repair and re-finishing, auto carpet, cloth and velour colour rejuvenation and repairs, redying, rebonding and re-finishing, and odour elimination treatments. Uticolor has around 100 mobile repair technicians / franchises Australia-wide. We repair cars, boats, and farm and industrial equipment. We service a wide range of clientele including the automotive trades, the furniture industry, the marine and shipping industry and a diverse range of industrial and agricultural clients.[Note: Uticolor is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Udicolor, Udicolour, Uticolour, Unicolor or Unicolour.]

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